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What Is Double Glazing?

Double Glazing Explained

Kommerling forms part of profine GmbH a large international group of window extrusion companies with activities all over the world. The headquarters of Kommerling profiles and sheets are in Pirmasens Germany. The profiles are genuine fabricate in Germany and tested for Australian standard AS 4420 and AS 2047.

Protect your house against excessive heat.

The main feature of the products consist in using a complex profile of u PVC that hold in place 2 glass sheets at a distance of 70 mm complete sealed. The inside air is then removed and replaced with an inert gas argon and this air/gas constitute the main heat/cold loss barrier due to his insulation chemical properties as well as the complex profiles structure.

Inefficient windows are one of the main reasons why a building faces substandard insulation. uPVC will help you save an average of 50 % on energy consumption for heating or cooling and also reduce reduce the harmful emissions polluting the environment.

Maximum water tightness and wind resistance.

Resistance to driving rain and joint tightness are major asset for windows and door systems. The special rubber material for seal placed along the profile is pressed in the factory and ensures the maximum sealing condition against water, wind and salt corrosion.


Noise stress is one major cause of illness. Especially in building located along side roads with heavy traffic or in close vicinity of airport efficient noise insulation is a critical requirement. Kommerling can insulate interiors from sounds up to 40 dB. In some of town centre the ambient noise level can reach 70 dB and require some class 3 or 4 noise protection class.


Highly effective genuine German security hardware such as triple doors locks (top, middle and bottom) combined with special glass provides the maximum achievable security for your windows. In addition lockable handles for windows and doors are available.